Varian Jaskas
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Arcanist
Level: 15
Physical Attributes
Gender: Male
Age: 125
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs.


Born to the noble house of Jaskas, Varian's childhood was idyllic, at least from the outside. What most of the world wasn't aware of were the constant arguments that pervaded the Manor. Varian would spend upwards of twelve hours each day studying and practicing all manner of skills, from swordplay to alchemistry. An unfortunate childhood illness damaged his muscles and left him too weak for most sports or other physical activities.

It was with thanks that Varian demonstrated magical ability and, indeed, a very strong mind. He quickly surpassed the peers of his age and before long those with a decade of experience. Once his father passed on, Varian took over the household, establishing contacts and supporting the family's business. He married his wife, Adrianna, and together they formed a coalition of nobles whose goal was to gather and preserve knowledge.

Unfortunately, knowledge is never obtained without risk. Varian was exploring an underground library when he accidentally brushed a hand against one of the magical devices. There was a blinding burst of blue light and he was simply gone.

Varian spent the better part of the last four years making his way through the planes attempting to head home. He picked up a variety of languages, almost died in many horrible ways, but was lucky enough to protect himself and flee or fight several adversaries. By the time he was finally able to persuade a half-celestial hermit to return home, he was both ragged and tired. It took several weeks to recover, re-establish contact and help prepare the Celestite Manor in the wake of Lord Remmont's debauchery.

Of course, no sooner was he finally refreshed and prepared to relax with a good book that several events took place at once, including a trip to a volcano, evil badasses wrecking part of Rook, and the (premature) birth of an evil God. Now he scrambles to gain ever greater knowledge and power as a stopgap to these continuing threats, all the while planning his own departure from Rook and quite possibly the Material Plane.

Appearance Edit

Varian is a taller human with long, dark auburn hair next to a refined if slightly grizzled visage. Constantly lost in thought, Varian's brow is usually wrinkled. He often wears a regal set of noble's clothing bedecked with gemstones, though the clothing is often looser and more relaxed than the most popular current styles. He also always travels light, an enchanted backpack holding most of the possessions he requires aside from a discrete spell component pouch and the magical items he uses often.

Downtime Activities Edit

Work In Progress

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