Thorn & Rose (Enforcers and Prostitutes based in the Chalice District)Edit


The Thorn & Rose is a new guild in the city, slowly making inroads into the traditionally segmented population of night-workers because of their open and protective nature. The guild is housed in a seemingly inconspicuous house in the Chalice district, identified by a holy symbol of Calistria inside. Naneas, who formed and still runs the guild, can be found inside most days along with a host of dubiously intentioned girls where he welcomes those with open minds, or clenched fists. Naneas created the Thorn and Rose for two reasons, to protect those working under Calistria's name and as a base for his bounty hunting work. However, being one man, he usually outsources tasks to adventurers who don't mind enacting vengeance for those weaker than themselves, so he can stay near the guild house.

Known History:Edit

The Thorn & Rose made quite an entrance into the public consciousness of Rook. During the summer of 186 a number of girls working nights in the Chalice were beaten after assignations with clients. As usually happened with such unsavory issues the low council avoided the subject completely assuming it would work itself out. After five or six attacks a man unknown outside the west end of Chalice stepped forward at, or more accurately barged in to, a Low Council meeting. Naneas proclaimed that only one person was responsible for these attacks and that the girls and their friends had signed statements to this effect. He made it very clear that if the city would not deal with the perpetrator then the night community would protect itself, perhaps with extreme vigor. This got the desired response out of the Council who assigned an investigator to go with Naneas and talk to the girls, resulting in the observation and eventual bloody knuckled arrest of an up and coming merchant's son, a "Sir" Edward "van" Talien. Naneas then formed the guild to offer protection to the girls who were attacked and the larger Chalice community.


Naneas is a humble if direct man and is almost comically huge next to his chosen charges, the girls and boys of the night community. When he is "working for Calistria" on the street he is quite memorable in his spiked breastplate and helm with the triple dagger visor.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Carla or Carmen or Carlene (Female Human Commoner, a confident woman of indeterminant age and name who frequents the bars near the opera house)
  • Sweet Tea (Female Halfling Rogue-Carnivalist, a night time 'busker' in Chalice who accompanies generous donors for private performances along with her rather talent fox companion)
  • Brellan (Male Human Bard-Lotus Dancer, a remarkable performer in several high class Chalice establishment, there is a standing bet as to what is his actual role in the guild, though no one who has met him in private has come forward to answer the question)
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