The following spells have been altered or banned:

  • Bloodmoney - Spell effects created with blood money last for a maximum of 1 hour per caster level, after which they disappear. No spell effect created with blood money can be sold.
  • Fabricate - Banned (we may do something cool with this later but for now we'd rather not invalidate mundane crafting)
  • Simalcrum - Banned until further notice.
  • Open Portal
  • Reincarnate
  • Symbol of X - Symbols most be placed in a prominent, immobile location.
  • Instigate Psychic Duel - Banned until further notice.
  • Overwhelming Presence - Shifted to 9th level on the psychic spell list.
  • Create Mindscape - This spell and all similar spells require a save for unwilling targets at casting.

Additionally, no character may allow another character to copy spells or formula directly from their book.

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