Skullbashing (Power focused combat and martial training based in Arms District)Edit


The Skullbashers pride themselves on pure strength and showmanship, trying almost as often to one up the comrades' successes as to best the rivals. The guild is a home for those who want to test their strength and endurance by simple and direct means. It is a place where one can fight to their heart's content and no one will whine if a nose of finger gets broken in the process. The skullbashers fervently believe that a punch in the gut, a club to the skull, or a kick in the groin are equally good ways to fight. Their only requirement is that it be violent and that the crowds cheer madly when the opponent falls, or preferably flies, away.

Known History:Edit

Skullbashers is the companion and rival guild to the Honed Blade started nearly 100 years ago when two adventuring companions decided  to prove which of their fighting styles was superior. Gorthan Gursmet gathered the first Skullbashers together after Temic opened his guild. Gorthan was a fearsome warrior, even at an advanced age of 46, who's trademark "Fist of the Thunder God" became an arena favorite in the early years of that institute. The Skullbashers formed a tight fraternity around Gorthan and through intense internal competition trained 28 arena champions over the last 90 years.


Currently in need of an official leader as their previous guildmaster and arena favorite, Pashga the Oakbeater, has gone missing after a training mission to the Iron Realms. Some suspect the party went to challenge the giants as a test, and got a bit more than they could handle.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Astrid the Unattainable (Aging Half-Orc Barbarian-Invulnerable Rager, Past arena champion, named because she will not yield to a man who cannot knock her out in the arena, and no man has been able to)
  • Headhunter (Male Human Slayer-Executioner, An infamous arena veteran, sporadically disappears from competition for weeks)
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