Kobold Warlord

"No Mercy for the wicked"


Race Kobold
Class Warlord
Level 7
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Age 22
Height 3'2
Weight 33


In Shouts clan, Kobolds are named in dragonic based on what they are good at. Infact, kobolds who do not find their calling in life sometimes go without names for decades, this is considered to be a great dishonor among the clan and the named kobolds look down upon the unnamed as lazy and untalented. Shouts was an unnamed for many years, and in desperation, he sought to claim a name by throwing himself into unwinnable battles. While his tribe fought a party of adventurers who had trespassed on the tribes land, Shouts saw his chieftain about to take a fatal blow, thinking quickly, shouts gathered his breath and roared across the battlefield, warning his chieftain in time and causing the adventurers to be routed.

After the kobolds returned victoriously, Shouts chieftain gifted him with his name "Shouts-louder-than-most" and Shouts was ecstatic, he was finally named and could take a wife and join in tribal decisions. Alas, his celebration was shorted lived, the adventurers returned, and shouts was critically wounded after lopping of the arm of a very angry dwarf. Left to die, he managed to crawl out of the dens, and was found along the road by a cleric of the empyreal lords. The cleric took mercy on the wounded kobold, for he could sense that Shouts was not a wicked being, but merely unlucky. Feeling honor bound to help the clerics who saved his life, Shouts dedicated himself to learning how to fight, and spent many years watching the warrior priests practice combat arts and copying their techniques. At first the monastery saw him as little more than a amusing distraction, a jester they were fond of but found amusing. Their smiles turned to surprise when Shouts challenged the temples head warrior to a duel for his position. Begging the warrior not hurt him to badly, the clerics accepted the fight, thinking that his swift defeat would stop his foolish goals.

The only problem was, instead of being defeated, Shouts won. Not only did shouts win, he won so easily that the clerics grew concerned about the strength of their guardians, if they could be taken down by a kobold, what hope would the priests have if a stronger force attacked? After much discussion, the priest's came to the conclusion that they couldn't fathom at first, it was not the mediocrity of the temples head guardian that was the issue, it was the strength of Shouts. The temples head warrior was a powerful combatant, easily the equal of any save the strongest of rooks adventurers. The fact that Shouts had so easily defeated him terrified the priests, and they no longer saw the thankful wounded kobold, but a fierce and possibly dangerous creature they had invited into their home. They cast Shouts out, shunned him because they feared he would turn on them. The tragic thing was, Shouts had never intended to harm the priests, and only wanted to be the best protector he could. He thought that defeating the head warrior would make the priests pleased with him, and he could stay and defend them for the rest of his days. Once again without a home, this time wounded emotionally, Shouts wandered for many years. He continued to amass strength and wealth, doing mercenarywork but only taking contracts that he could justify under the morality of the empyreal lords he still revered. After making his name in a far off land, Shouts has arrived in rook via boat, and excitedly seeks the fabled golden plow, where "adventurers" take jobs. Maybe Shouts has found a home to protect that will not reject him.

Appearance Edit

Shouts is a relatively tall and old kobold, covered in battle scars, he would look unassuming were it not for his incredibly loud battle roar, shocking most opponents with its ferocity.

Sessions Edit

Number Date and Link Experience Gold And items

Downtime Activities Edit

Character Sheet Edit

Basic InformationEdit

Player Name:

WizardFrog Speeds: 30 ft
Character Name: Size: Small
Character Race: Kobold Hair: None
Alignment: Chaotic Good Eyes: orange, black pupil
Deity: Empyreal Lords
Total Level: 7

Character Class InformationEdit

Class Level HD BAB Skills Ref Fort  Will
Warlord 7 7 7 28
Background 14
Int 7
Totals 35

Favored Class: Warlord

Favored Class Bonuses(HP or SP or Racial): 7 HP

Ability ScoresEdit

Ability Score Total Mod Base Enhancement Inherent Misc
Strength 8 -1 8
Dexterity 20 5 18 2
Constitution 14 2 14
Intelligence 12 1 12
Wisdom 10 0 10
Charisma 18 4 16 2


Total Levels Constition Mod Favored Class Other
Max HP 64 43 14 7
AC Total AC Base Size Armor Shield Dex Natural Deflection Dodge Luck Misc
Normal 30 10 1 7 2 5 2 1 2
Flat-Footed 25 10 1 7 2 xxxx 2 1 xxxx 2
Touch 19 10 1 xxxx xxxx 5 xxxx 1 2
FF Touch 14 10 1 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 1 xxxx 2
Saves Total Class Base Ability Mod Resistance Misc


9 5 2 2
Reflex(Dex) 9 2 5 2
Will(Wis) 8 2 4 2
Total Base BAB Strength Dex Size Misc
CMB 5 XXXX 7 -1 XXXX -1
CMD 23 10 7 -1 5 -1 3
Intiative Dex Misc
6.6 5 1



Total AB BAB Ability Mod Misc AB Damage Crit Special
Rapier +1 +14 7 5 2 1d4+8 18-20 Fineese, Effortless lace
5 Daggers +14 7 5 2 1d3+5 19-20
Name AC Max Dex ACP ASF Weight Class Speed Special
Armor Mithral Breastplate +1 7 5 -1 - Light 30ft Mithral
Shield Buckler +1 2 - 0 - - -

Feats and FeaturesEdit

HD Feats Bonus feats Traits
1:Weapon Fineese 1: Deadly Agility Fates Favored
3: Piranha Strike TW: Escape Route Dangerously Curious
5:Weapon Adapt: Light Blades 6:Lunge
7:Discipline focus: Scarlet Throne
Race Features Class Features
+1 nat armor Manuevers Tactical Presence: Indomitable, Rallying
Low light vision Stances Dual Boost 1/day
Small Force of Personality Martial Tradition: Empyreal Guardians
Wild Forest Kobold Tactical flanker +2 sacredvs spells and abilities from evil creatures
Battle Prowess +1 (Golden Lion) +2 Morale vs Mind Effecting
Gambits: Brave Gambit, Unbreakable Gambit, Victory Gambit



Key Ability Class Skill

Total Check

Ranks Ability Mod

Trained Class Skill

Misc Other
Acrobatics Dex x 16 7 5 3 -1 2
Appraise Int
Bluff Cha
Climb Int x
Craft(Armor) Int x 11 7 1 3
Diplomacy Cha x 16 7 4 3 2
Disable Device* Dex
Disguise Cha
Escape Artist Dex
Fly Dex
Handle Animal* Cha
Heal Wis
Intimidate Cha x
Knowledge(History)* Int x 11 7 1 3
Linguistics Int
Perception Wis x 17 7 0 3 2 5
Perform(_____) Cha
Profession(_____)* Wis x
Ride Dex x
Sense Motive Wis x 12 7 0 3 2
Sleight of Hand* Dex
Spellcraft* Int
Stealth Dex x +20 7 5 3 4 2
Survival Wis x 2
Swim Str x
Use Magic Device Cha x 1

Languages: Common, Dragonic


Magic Item Slots

Magic Item Weight
Head Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier
Headband +2 charisma
Eyes Eyes of the eagle
Shoulders Cloak of Resistance +2
Neck Amulet of Nat armor +1
Belt +2 Dexterity
Ring 1 +1 Ring of Deflection
Ring 2
Feet Jaunt Boots
Slotless Items Cracked Ioun stone (+1 init)
Slotless Items

Handy Haversack
Item Weight Item Weight
Wand of Infernal Healing (50)
Mwk tool: Dip, sense, acro, stealth
Container 2
Item Weight Item Weight

Other Posessions:

Gold: 1430

Total Weight:

Light Medium Heavy Over Head Off Ground Push/Drag


Level Class Base Stat Bonus DC
Manuevers Known: 10, Readied: 6
Level Strikes Boosts Counters Stances Stances
1st Hunting Party,

Disturbing blow

Pride Movement,

Encouraging roar,

Ghost hunting blow

Scarlet Einhander,

Circular Stance

2nd Fading Strike Warning Roar
3rd Silver Knights Blade Altered Pnumbra Golden Commander
4th Red Zephyr Dance
Level Number Spells


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