Rook is an immense metropolis with much to do and see. Here are a few of the notable locations and landmarks in the city.

  • Arena of Rook - Large colleseum in the Arms District
  • Bay of Stars - By day this largely sheltered bay is much like any other bay. A home for marine life, a livelihood for many a fisherman, and a trade route for many ocean going vessels. By night however, the waters light up from the illumination of thousands upon thousands of glowing jellyfish. These beauties are not safe to eat and have little other commercial value. They also make night fishing damn near impossible.
  • Bronze Flask - Rooks first Inn.  A warm, comfortable place full of good cheer and hearty laughter.
  • Council Chambers
  • Exotic Market - It may be strange for an entire district to be a reknown landmark but that is indeed the case with Rooks Central Trade District.  This massive market is a known to have just about any mundane object, substance, or service you could want.  As is often the case, the rumors are over-stated.  Nevertheless, the market is impressive and a shopper can find a lot of thing not widely available elsewhere.
  • Golden Plow - Tavern, Inn, and Brothel.  This Southern Slum based business has become the single largest adventurer hot spot despite its piss poor watered down beer.  The proprieter, Big Duade, is well connected within Rook and gets the inside scoop on jobs throughout the city and beyond.  Big Duade does not allow animals in his place of business.
  • Rook Estate
  • Rook University
  • Silverstone Manor
  • Stone Span - A massive arch running across the Beleger River near where it empties into the Bay of Stars. This structure of unmarred stone predates Rook and it's origins are unknown. It is the only bridge that span's this particular river despite a few ill thought out plans to make others.
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