Rook's Importing & Exporting Guild (Wholesalers and Exotic traders based in Trade District)Edit


Composed of all types of merchants interested in long distance trade, this guild is frequently at odds with the Innercity Merchants about prices, tariffs, and other trade considerations. They have established themselves as the near exclusive source for many rare metals, spices, fabrics, and gemstones. Therefore they have the respect, grudingly in some cases, of any of the businesses or wealthy individuals who use or desire such goods. The guild will not hesitate to withhold merchandise from those who insult or try to negotiate around them giving them a thorny reputation in some parts of town.

Known History:Edit

The average person doesn't interact with the members of this guild much, but anyone over 50 years of age can still recount the tale of a hapless gnome who failed spectacularly just after joining the guild. Forbo was an eager, if erraticly successful, businessman who had petitioned the guild for entry for several months. Neighboring districts even began to hear of his efforts to impress the guildmembers with exotic gifts like the time he imported a monkey which upon being given to the trade yard manager took a prized brooch and promptly dropped it down a drain pipe when the owner tried to tackle it. In spite of such a faux pas, Forbo was eventually admitted for his daring successes in finding a foreign source for large quantities of cinnamon. Sadly, the third shipment of this valuable good was accidently mixed with Auslese sneezing powder, bankrupting Forbo and giving the guild it's most public embarassment.


Undisclosed at guild request as allowed under the "Protection and Health of Guild Members Law"

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Sulathi Merish (Male Elf Aristocrat-Spice Trader)
  • Argenta (Female Human Adept- Gem Expert, real name carefully hidden)
  • Hamish Hasbel (Male Halfling Expert- Liquors, Sweets, and Delicacies)
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