Rook's Hunting Club (Bounty Hunters based in the East Slum)Edit


This guild has received a large amount of pressure to change it's name over the years. Many civilians and authority figures have cried out about the indecency of a group of people operating as hunters of men. The groups creators enjoy the infamy and according to popular rumour in the East Slum, even planned it. Rook's finest bounty hunters have found their way to the Hunting Club's doors for quick access to jobs, resources, and allies. The organization frequently toes the lines of legal action, but because they are very effective at controlling crime, they have a grudging respect from many guards and the budget conscious members of the council.

Known History:Edit

The Hunting Club was informally organized nearly 40 years ago, but has only been openly operating for about twelve years according to local rumours. The outcry over their name when they went public provided a degree of attention that helped establish the guild and secure them a steady flow of work. Their agents have a powerful reputation as does their network of safe houses and detention cells across the city. The guild reinforced their early reputation by tieing particularly notable bounties up in public squares and not claiming the reward (publicly). Many people remember when the feared "Market Mugger Brothers" showed up in a rather haggard and raw state chained to the market square fountain.


Undisclosed at guild request as allowed under the "Protection and Health of Guild Members Law, rumours that Dornhald is the leader circulate.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Dornhald (Male Half-Orc Fighter-Lore Warden, a savvy and relatively public member of the guild, he is many people's first contact in the East slum when looking for a hunter)
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