Rook's Abundant (Farmers & Herders based in the Farmstead District)Edit


Composed of the farmers and herders of the agrarian district north of Rook, the guild is a loose organization focused on helping the members sell their products to the city without having to travel all the way in. Because nearly all the farmers are members the guild it has an unsual position in Rook. The individual members are largely ignored, but the shear number of them means the guild is courted for its voting power. This causes some controversy in the low council as to the non-traditional nature of the guild. Some members would prefer to reform the guild as an official committee to protect the farmer's rights. Because they are able to get favors from those courting their votes, they resist any motions to reform the organization.

Known History:Edit

Rook Abundant's history is boring to most everyone except the farmers themselves, composed of good and bad crop years, which they happily debate and relate to anyone who sits down for a drink. The most notable event in this history is the drought of 76-79 ARW from which the farmers learned to create better cisterns. In fact, most of their notable history revolves around disturbances to the crop cycle, which many citizens might remeber for the impact within the city.


Unkown, seems to change monthly by some sort of internal vote.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Tums (Female Halfling Commoner - Sheepherd)
  • Leroy (Male Human Commoner - Grain Famer)
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