Real Crafting (Everyday Craftsmen based in Hearth District)Edit


From pots to baskets, to tableware and really everything else used in daily life, Real Crafting provides for the citizens of Rook. This guild is old, but lacked a formal organization for a long time and so relies on it's broad membership and community ties when it needs influence. The craftspeople of the guild put most of their political efforts to fighting for civilian rights and have established a reputation for protecting their members from any transgression. They may use non-violent methods, but this close-knit community is ready at a moment's notice to come together in support of any member as tightly as if they were family by blood.

Known History:Edit

The guild is not know for having done any one important thing on its own, but rather for the collaborative effort of its membership. The guild's name is an icon of equality and freedom and they pressure the larger and wealthier guilds to take action on those fronts. They are not activists or politicians, but to the people of Rook they are friends who can make their voice heard well enough to spark some action.


Jenet Kale, is a skilled potter working in the hearth district. She is known to most people as a middle-aged woman who gives off a grandmotherly air, although her friends and neighbors know about some of her anti-discrimination activities in her youth.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Harlad Svein (Male Gnome Expert-Carpenter)
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