Practical Alchemy (Alchemist's Guild based in the Knowledge District)Edit


This always resourceful guild has risen to power recently, capitalizing on the items and favors they can provide to the upper class residents of Rook. Their founder and leader supports, or almost compels, members to think creatively by allowing any and all kinds of alchemical experimentation within the protected guild chambers. The guild built much of its prestige by providing simple alchemical items for regular use by the guards and military. As times have grown more ominous they are expanding their efforts to large scale defensive armaments for the city, simultaneously cementing their political position.

Known History:Edit

Practical Alchemy is fairly young amongst the Rook guilds, at least for one with so much prestige. The guild really made a name for itself on the day it was officially recognized by the Ministry of Guilds. Shortly after the official announcement the sky over the city was filled with hundreds of fireworks launched from a guild owned building. The fanciful colored display, and the surprisingly pleasing flowery scent that hung on the air all through the next day, made a very positive impression on the towns folk. So much so that the official response to lighting off explosive devices within the city limits was limited to a close door talk amounting to a wrist slap. Any mention of fireworks sponsored by the guild brings happy rumors of "another alchemists party" throughout the streets of Rook.


Davaver Millstone, recently elected and slightly surprising low council member, seems constantly absent minded as he bounces between ideas and experiments. Once focused to a topic or problem though, his mental acuity and quickness are startling. He is a strong proponent for the exploration of magic and the sciences even if there is risk involved, and finds those against such activities as no better than those who would discriminate orcs or goblins.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Anisa Saroj (Female Human Investigator)
  • Kellad Elred (Male Elf Hedge Witch)
  • Olhas Alamandar (Male Human Aristocrat, Expert, Wizard)
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