Open Portal

School Conjuration(Teleportation); Level Sorcerer/Wizard 9

Casting Time  1 Standard Action

Components V, S, M(diamond dust worth 1,000gp)

Range Short(25+5ft./level)

Effect see text

Duration 10 min./level(D)

Saving Throw none, Spell Resistance Yes

Open Portal forges a temporary two-way link between the target location and a location on any plane. This link takes the form of an oval or circular window between your location and the destination location. The caster need not have personally visited or viewed the destination, but must have at least a reliable description of the area. Deities and other beings who rule a planar realm can prevent a portal from opening in their presence or personal demesnes if they so desire.

Creatures stepping into the portal are immediatley transported to the other side. The portal is large enough to accomodate one medium creature per every two caster levels simultaneously, with a large creature counting as two medium creatures, a huge creature counting as four medium creatures, a gargantuan creature counting as 8 medium creatures, and so forth. A creature can attempt to force itself through a portal that can accomodate a creature one size category below it, but the action of forcing itself through the portal causes 20d8 points of damage from the dimensional friction.

Open Portal can be made permanent with a permanency spell by a caster of at least 17th level by expending 22,500 gp of diamond dust.

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