Masons (Architects, Stonemasons, Builders based in Crown District)Edit


Inside the city walls most of the buidlings were designed, built, or purchased their materials from a member of this guild. One of the oldest and most powerful guilds in the city, their claim to have built the city walls has more than a little truth to it. Besides the wealth and prestige that many of their members enjoy, the guild holds a great deal of unspoken political power because they have the plans to every major building and manor house in the city. They claim that any secrecy and security in and around the guildhall is a part of their responsibility to protect these valuable documents.

Known History:Edit

With a core leadership of dwarves since its foundation, it is no wonder the Masons are know for being consistent and meticulous. The addition of human carpenters, elven mural painters, and the occasional halfling plumber has not changed the focus of the organization  in the last 200 years. They are know for the works they leave behind and their large scale influence in shaping the growth of the city rather than any particular political agenda or set of actions. The beginning and grand opening of any major construction in the city are significant events that many townsfolk remember, but with so many projects these events begin to seem almost common place.


Garth Stonefist, comes from an old Rook family and was raised to organize and run construction sites. He is a natural fit for the head of the guild and has easily adapted to his Low Council position. Garth has a sour disposition, but intelligently masks it if it serves his purposes. He has a particular skill with reminding nobles of favors and details from the construction of their homes and businesses in order to accomplish political goals.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Selvin Larshan (Male Elven Expert-Mural Painter)
  • Delia Hammerforth (Female Dwarf Cleric - Guild house manager)
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