Lorek Ra'dari
Appearance Summary
Gender Male
Age 70
Height 5'11"
Weight 120lbs


Lorek was the eldest son of a merchant family of modest means. His father was effective at his job, but could be cold and callous at times. His mother died giving birth to his younger sister, Caitlyn. As a child, Lorek took mostly after his father, and while they were similar in temperant, it was difficult for two people who were so insulated from their emotions to become close. Lorek never tried particularly hard to understand his sister, nearly a decade his junior, partially due to his resentment of her, and partially due to her rambunctions nature. Even as they grew older Caitlyn seemed to constantly be in trouble with the law, and Lorek would pause from his studies at the University come around to bail her out of prison. The primary ownership of the estate transfered to Lorek on their fathers death, and after Lorek's discovery of an old tome within their stock, he became even more reclusive, ignoring his sister and her problems entirely. 

Several years after discovering the book, Lorek's research has proceeded enormously well. Having dived into ruins at the bequest of several wealthy patrons, he attained enough capital to found his own school of magical learning in Rook, the Ra'dari Institute of Higher Mysteries.

Lorek shows little care these days for things that aren't magic. He has few real friends, and tends to maintain a 'strictly business' relationship even with those closest to him. Still, he is deeply protective of Rook and it's laws, but simply because they allow him to conduct his research largely unperturped. 

Lorek has little love for full-blooded elves or the denizens of cloud city. He considers the former to be undeserving of their long natural lifespans, and the later as inefficient hedonists.

For several years, Lorek operated the Institue, often serving as a meeting up for some of his compatrios, and was also responsible for training the first mages that were a part of the Rook guard. However, despite his beneficial relationship with Rook and the number of government and private contracts he successfully completed within the city, he came under suspiscion of the Gray Guard led by Ganderlay, and left the city, taking his school with him. He has not made his new location known to anyone, even his apprentice Imras, who he left in the city as a contact.

Lorek maintains a highly goal oriented mindset, and will use any means if he believes they will serve his ends. While he has little personal concern for Rook, the beings he often finds himself up against have larger goals which he would prefer not reach fruition. 

Appearance Edit

Lorek's long white hair and bear are his most noticeable features, as they frame the face of a man who has not aged gracefully. While largely unmarred by scars or injuries, it bears the wrinkles of a constant worrier, and the stress of his lifestyle has taken it's tool. In contrast Loreks clothing is remarkably fanciful and well kept, and his silver crown and long flowing cloak would not look out of place on a king or some other royal. His black and gold robes are of a similar quality, their volume helping to conceal just how thin he has become.

Sessions Edit

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Downtime Activities Edit

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Character Sheet Edit

Basic InformationEdit

Player Name:

Zanos Speeds: 30ft Land
Character Name: Lorek Ra'dari Size: Medium
Character Race: Human Lich Hair: Grey
Alignment: Lawful Evil Eyes: Grey
Deity: None
Total Level: 15

Character Class InformationEdit

Class Level HD BAB Skills Ref Fort  Will
Exploiter Wizard 15 d6 7/1 225 5 5 9
Totals 15 7/1 225 5 5 9

Favored Class: Arcanist

Favored Class Bonuses(HP or SP or Racial): HP*2 Racial(Craft Wondrous Item) *13

Ability ScoresEdit

Ability Score Total Mod Base Enhancement Inherent Profane
Strength 7 -2 7
Dexterity 15 +2 15
Essence 21 +5 15 4 2
Intelligence 37 +13 27 6 4
Wisdom 16 +3 16
Charisma 12 +1 12


Total Levels Con Mod Favored Class Other
Max HP 162 55 75 2 30
AC Total AC Base Size Armor Shield Dex Natural Deflection Misc
Normal 14 10 1 1 2
Flat-Footed 12 10 1 1 xxxx
Touch 12 10 xxxx xxxx 2 xxxx
FF Touch 10 10 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Saves Total Class Base Ability Mod Resistance Competence Luck


18 5 5 5 1 2
Reflex(Dex) 16 5 3 5 1 2
Will(Wis) 19 9 3 5 1 2
Total Base BAB Strength Dex Size Misc Deflection
CMD 18 10 7 -2 3
Intiative Dex Competence Luck Untyped
+10 +2 +1(Cracked Dusty Rose) +2 4(Familiar)+1(Forewarned)



Total AB BAB Ability Mod Misc AB Damage Crit Special
Melee Touch Attack +5 7 -2 4d8+15 x2
Light Crossbow +10 7 3 1d8 19-20/x2
Name AC Max Dex ACP ASF Weight Class Speed Special
Armor Mistmail(Mist) -- -- -- 0 -- -- 20% Miss Chance
Shield Mithral Buckler 1 -- 0 0

Feats and FeaturesEdit

HD Feats Bonus feats Traits Template
1:Racial Heritage(Dwarf) Human: False Focus Fates Favored Undead Type
3:Craft Wondrous Item W1:Scribe Scroll Spark of Creation  Channel Resistance +4; Resist: Electricity 30; Immune: Cold;
5:Craft Magic Arms and Armor W5:Craft Wand Dark Magic
7:Forge Ring W10:Inscribe Magic Tattoo Draining Touch
9:Craft Rod W15:Craft Staff Empty Vessel
11:Spell Penetration W20: Fearful Presence
13:Greater Spell Penetration Rejuvenation
15:Quicken Spell Unnatural Resilience
Race Features Class Features
Skilled(+1 SP per level) Exploits Arcane Reservoir 10/18
Bonus Feat 1:Dimensional Slide Forewarned
+2 Intelligence 5:Potent Magic
9:Obtain Familiar(Greensting Scorpion)
13:School Understanding(Foresight)



Key Ability Class Skill

Total Check

Ranks Ability Mod

Trained Class Skill

Competence Luck Racial Misc
Acrobatics Dex 2
Appraise Int x +19 1 13 3 2
Bluff Cha +28 15 1 10(to lie) 2
Climb Int 2
Craft(Weapons) Int x +19 1 13 3 2
Craft(Armor) Int x +19 1 13 3 2
Diplomacy Cha +18 15 1 2
Disable Device* Dex 2
Disguise Cha +18 15 1 2
Escape Artist Dex 2
Fly Dex x +22 15 2 3 2
Handle Animal* Cha 2
Heal Wis 2
Intimidate Cha x +15 9 3 1 2
Knowledge(Arcana)* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Dungeoneering)* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Engineering)* Int x +23 1 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Geography) Int x +23 1 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(History) Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Local)* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Nature)* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Nobility) Int x +23 1 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Planes)* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Knowledge(Religion)* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Linguistics Int x +33 15 13 3 2
Perception Wis x +40 15 3 3 5 2 8 4
Perform(_____) Cha 2
Profession(_____)* Wis x 2
Ride Dex 2
Sense Motive Wis x +27 15 3 3 2 4
Sleight of Hand* Dex 2
Spellcraft* Int x +38 15 13 3 5 2
Stealth Dex +19 15 2 2
Survival Wis 2
Swim Str 2
Use Magic Device Cha x +20 15 1 2 2

Languages: Aboleth, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Cyclops, Dark Folk, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome(HB), Goblin(HB), Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Lip Reading, Necril, Orc, Protean, Sphinx(HB), Sylvan, Tengu, Terran, Undercommon


Magic Item Slots

Magic Item Weight
Head Mask of Stony Demeanor
Headband Headband of Vast Intellect +6(Fly/Disguise/Stealth, Goblin/Gnome/Sphinx)
Eyes Spectacles of Annhilation
Shoulders Cloak of Resistance + 5
Neck Amulet of Magecraft(Evocation)
Chest Quick Runners Shirt
Belt Belt of Mighty Constitution + 4
Hands Gloves of Elvenkind
Ring 1 Ring of Freedom of Movement
Ring 2
Slotless Items Snapleaf x 1, Wayfinder(Clear Spindle Ioun Stone), Blood Reservoir of Physical Prowess, Pearl of Power(1st) x 10, Gem of Counterspells(Greater Dispel Magic), Luckstone, Lesser Rod of Extend, Demon Senses, Bead of Karma, Lens of Detection
Implanted Ioun Stones Cracked Dusty Rose Prism, Cracked Pale Green Prism, Cracked Magenta Prism(UMD), 10*Flawed Mossy Disk, Orange Prism, Dark Blue Rhomboid


Item Weight
Scholar's Outfit ----
Bolts(10) 1lb
Cold Iron Bolts(10) 1lb
Light Crossbow 4lb

Total Weight: 11 lbs

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Over Head Off Ground Push/Drag
20 40 60 60 120 300


Spells Per Day
Level Total Class Base Stat Bonus DC
0th INF INF 23
1st 8 4 4 24
2nd 7 4 3 25
3rd 7 4 3 26
4th 7 4 3 27
5th 7 4 3 28
6th 7 4 3 29
7th 4 2 2 30
8th 3 1 2 31

Spellbook Edit


Hephaestus[Valet Familiar], Greensting Scorpion N Tiny Vermin Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60ft, Perception + 19
AC 21 touch 15, Flat Footed 18 (+3 Dex, +6 natural, +2 size) hp 64(1/2 Masters) Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +8
Speed 30 ft. Melee sting +12 (1d2–4 plus poison) Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft. Special Attacks poison
Str 3, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 2 Base Atk +7; CMB +10; CMD 14 (26 vs. trip) Feats Weapon Finesse(B) Skills Climb +7, Perception + 21, Stealth +32;  Racial Modifiers +4 Climb, +4 Perception , +4 Stealth
Improved Evasion(Ex), Share Spells, Emphatic Link(Su)
A valet treats Craft, Perform, and Profession as class skills.
Able Assistant (Ex): A valet's master treats the valet as if it possessed the Cooperative Crafting feat and shared all Craft skills and item creation feats he possesses.
Prestidigitation (Sp): A valet can use prestidigitation once per hour. This ability replaces Alertness.
Teammate (Ex): A valet is considered to have all the teamwork feats its master has.
Deliver Touch Spells (Su): At 3rd level, when delivering a harmless touch spell to a willing creature, a valet can move before and after delivering the spell, as long as its total movement does not exceed its speed. This ability modifies deliver touch spells.
Speak with Master(Ex)

Spell Resistance

A greensting scorpion grants a +4 bonus on Initiative checks so long as the familiar is within 1 mile of the spellcaster. A greensting scorpion familiar loses the mindless trait and has an Intelligence score appropriate for its master's level.
Poison (Ex) Sting—injury; save DC 10; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect sickened for 1 round; cure 1 save. The save DC is constitution-based.

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