The farthest west of the kingdoms of Vallonde and the least imperialistic, being an enclave state surrounded by Rook, the imperial heavy Havengar, the Freeholds and Verdant realm leave a completed status amongst the cities and villages. The largely Human populace of Lorda mainly export lumber and facilitate diplomatic encounters.  Sirisea, the capital of Lorda, being so isolated from the capital of Vallonde and the press of the Imperials has developed a favorable relationship with Rook and emissaries of Vallonde are more likely to be from Lorda.  Parts of Lorda have also become entangled with the ever expanding U.M.E, this more recent developments have put strains in relationships with both the rest of Vallonde and Rook alike.


The largest city in Lorda and the farthest eastern city in the Imperial Realm, Eglas is a trading port for the Western state of Vallonde, though it is against the traditions of the Imperials Eglas sees a large about of other races pass through its gates. Due to its close relation to the U.M.E. Eglas has formed a strong bond with them and make several unsanctioned trades. In the eyes of the Imperial Realm of Vallonde Eglas is a  moraly fallen city of corruption that associates with the unclean races. Rook has been keeping a wary eye on Eglas and their growing relationship with the U.M.E.


Tucked away in the south of the state, Galonde is sleepy little city with few worries about the wider world. Home too many retirering rich for the warmer winters and hot summers, the city pays its taxes to the Realm and causes no trouble, preferring to keep out of politics.


The capital of Lorda, Sirisea is a large city with a very high human population as most races are looked down upon by the Imperials, though Elves and Dwarves can be found walking the streets. Sirisea has close relations with Rook as it is the meeting point between the two nations were many Rook and Imperial negotiations happen.

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