Large Haul (Crown Port Trade Guild based in Crown District)Edit


The last surviving purely naval guild focused as much on ships as the cargo they carry. At more than 80 years old they survived the infighting of the other shipbuilding and cargo shipping guilds, but are now losing out to the organized Import/Export Guild. Their saving grace is the fact that they managed to acquire almost all of the maps and ship plans from the other naval guilds as they collapsed, giving them the most extensive naval library in the city. Their collection even includes some maps that predate the guild. Access to these valuable documents and the general library is reserved for captains who sell their goods through the guild and the ship builders of Crown Port.

Known History:Edit

The guild's most notable service to the city since its founding has been the ongoing dispatch and reception of diplomatic missions. The guild provides all services required for the vessels at dock and a guild shipwright has led the construction of every diplomatic vessel required by the city. People have talked less and less about these events though as the city has expanded further from the Crown Port. The guild is desparate to inspire some of their old glory with the pomp surrounding a major arrival.


Undisclosed at guild request as allowed under the "Protection and Health of Guild Members Law". Widely assumed to be an aristocrat from one of the original shipping families.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Auven Suprous (Male Half Elf Expert - Master Shipwright of Sullivan and Suprous Shipbuilders)
  • Clevan Ulranath (Venerable Male Elf Aristocrat- Manager of the Guild Manor & Storage Vault)
  • Merideth Lero (Female Human Adept/Aristocrat- Keeper of the Library)
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