Race: Tiefling
Class: Fighter
Level 4
Physical Attributes
Gender: Female
Age: 69
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs


Kasidra was born like all other tieflings in Cloud City. As soon as she was out in the world she started causing problem to her family. Her unusual appearance for a tiefling caused a stir on many household regarding her true nature. She looked a bit more aasimar than tiefling and the reputation of her father was one of adultery. Even if Cloud City is a place of debauchery and orgies, the bloodline is still a very important matters to some. Still, the controversy died out once she was proven of fiendish heritage. This came in the form of a long scaly tail and nonfunctional reptilian wings.

Her childhood was pretty hard for her family. The Xarrvius we're a dynasty of most prestigious conjurer and scholars. Unfortunately for Kasidra she was far from brilliant. At the age of 3 she was still unable to stand or even utter a full word. Her family took drastic measures to improve her intellect. They forged deal with various outsider in the hope of finding one that would agree to impart its knowledge upon the child. They finally found a demon name Karxaop that proposed a weird ritual involving Kasidra drinking a concoction of demon blood and rather horrifying component. This was supposed to awaken the "latent" power in her and enable the learning of powerful profane arts. However, the the demon delights and the Xarrvius dismay, the ritual unlocked a latent power alright but consumed every single trace of her lineage, leaving the child corrupted by the power of the Abyss.

This was too much for the noble house. They pulled a lot of political favor to get rid of this now unwanted progeny. They ended up sending her at the age of 6 to another distant relative in Cloud city. The Thale family was one of discipline and dedication to the order of the City. Kasidra kept the "Xarrvius" name only as a memento of her true origin, although that all the Thale members always said that it was only because she had some of the original family blood in her, which was true to an extent. She was trained as any other recruit all her life and for her it was enough. For once she had the lasting impression that she was doing something right. Her uncle Hector Thale was probably her aspiration for all her training. He was a great warrior that alwasy kept true to his word and acted in the best interest of all at all time. For her it was clear. She had to be the best at what she was good at and maybe she would impress her uncle.

Her training came to an abrupt end when another fiasco from her real father happened. Old wound we're exposed and during one of the debates her name came up. For the Xarrvius this was a telling sign that she was still too close. The Thale received a letter saying that she was to be "removed" from their ranks as soon as possible. Hector was infuriated. Kasidra was one of the most promising recruit for his family and he would no suffer her lost in a permanent way. Not too long ago the portal that led to the outside world opened and this gave him an idea. Exile was still not the choice he would like to have for Kasidra but it had to do for the moment. At least she would survive and strive to be stronger. Hector went and used some of his personal favor to secure a pass in the gateway for her. The easy part was convincing Kasidra that this was a special training meant for her to become the best and learn about the world so she can comeback when she's stronger. He made it clear although that she would need major proof that she was one of the most powerful knight. So she left, without knowing the political scheme leading her to depart, with hope in the heart and dreams of glory filling her head.

Kasidra was never a bright person. She does not have any difficulties realizing her mistake but understanding why they were mistakes is another matter. She is although fiercely loyal to the Law and will never act outside of it unless in a situation of life and death. She is always willing to give a hand to those who strive toward order who are trying to act within the law. She got no compassion for anyone that is trying to upset the law or trying to avoid responsibility. 

Appearance Edit

Kasidra is a tall women around 5'9". She is not overweight and is very fit. On paper, she does not appear to be a tiefling. Fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes, no scales or weird patch of fur. But, at first glance she does have rather demonic features. A long scaly tail, reptilian wings and long pitch black nails. The wings, however never actually move that much... Her armor is always clean and she always looks sharp. She's a big fan on cleanliness and always goes around wearing perfume.

Sessions Edit

Basic InformationEdit

Number Date and Link Experience Gold And items
1 05/11/2015; 950 675
2 05/13/2015; 560 400
3 05/16/2015, 1250 835


550 375
5 05/21/2015, 600 400
6 05/22/2015, 750 500
7 05/27/2015, 750 500
8 05/28/2015, 1000 800
9 06/04/2015, 1095 800
10 06/13/2015, 1630 950

Downtime Activities Edit

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Character Sheet Edit

Player Name:

Secretjuice Speeds: 30 ft.
Character Name: Kasidra Xarrvius Thale Size: Medium
Character Race: Pit-born Tiefling Hair: Blond
Alignment: LN Eyes: Blue
Deity: Godclaw
Total Level:  4

Character Class InformationEdit

Class Level HD BAB Skills Ref Fort Will
Fighter Fighter 4 4 4 7+8 1 4 1
Totals 4 4 4 7+8 1 4 1

Favored Class: Fighter

Favored Class Bonuses(HP or SP or Racial): +1 HP, +3 Skill

Ability ScoresEdit

Ability Score Total Mod Base Enhancement Inherent Misc
Strength 18 +2 16
Dexterity 14 14
Constitution 14 14
Intelligence 6 -2 8
Wisdom 10 10
Charisma 14 +2 12


Total Levels Constition Mod Favored Class Other
Max HP 36 27 8 1
AC Total AC Base Size Armor Shield Dex Natural Deflection Dodge Misc
Normal 23 10 9 2 2
Flat-Footed 21 10 9 2 xxxx xxxx
Touch 12 10 xxxx xxxx 2 xxxx
FF Touch 10 10 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Saves Total Class Base Ability Mod Resistance Misc


+6 +4 +2
Reflex(Dex) +3 +1 +2
Will(Wis) +2 +1 0 +1
Total Base BAB Strength Dex Size Misc
CMB +8 XXXX +4 +4 XXXX
CMD 20 10 +4 +4 +2
Intiative Dex Misc
+2 +2



Total AB BAB Ability Mod Misc AB Damage Crit Special
Mwk Scythe +9 +4 +4 +1 2d4+6 x4 Trip
Javelin (30 ft.) +6 +4 +2 1d6+4 x2
Morningstar +8 +4 +4 1d8+4 x2
Dagger (10 ft.) +8 +4 +4 1d4+4 19-20/x2
Cold Iron Scythe +8 +4 +4 +1 2d4+6 x4
Mwk Heavy Mace +10 +4 +4 +2 1d8+6 x2
Name AC Max Dex ACP ASF Weight Class Speed Special
Armor Mwk Plate Armor +9 +2 -4 - Heavy 20 ft.
Shield Heavy Steel Shield +2 -2 -

Feats and FeaturesEdit

HD Feats Bonus feats Traits
1: Skill Focus(Know. (Planes) Weapon Focus (Heavy Mace) Indominable Faith (+1 will)
3: Eldritch Heritage (Abyssal) Cleave Fiend Blood (+1 knowledge (planes), is Class Skill)
5: Combat Stamina
7: Weapon Specialization
Race Features Class Features
Vestigial Wings (+4 Fly) Bonus Feat x3
Prehensible Tail Bravery +1
Darkvision (60 ft.) Armor Training 1
Skilled (+2 Disable Device, +2 Perception)



Key Ability Class Skill

Total Check

Ranks Ability Mod

Trained Class Skill

Misc Other
Acrobatics Dex -4 2 -6
Appraise (B) Int -2 -2
Artistry (B) Int +2 +2
Bluff Cha +8 +2 4 +2
Climb Int X -2 +4 -6
Craft(_____) (B) Int X -2 -2
Diplomacy Cha +2 +2
Disable Device* Dex -6 +2
Disguise Cha +2 +2
Escape Artist Dex -4 +2 -6
Fly Dex +0 +2 -6 +4
Handle Animal* (B) Cha X +6 1 +2 +3
Heal Wis +0 +0
Intimidate Cha X 7 2 2 +3
Knowledge(Planes)* Int X 6 1 -2 +3 +3 +1
Knowledge(Eng)* (B) Int X
Knowledge(Nobility)* (B) Int +1 3 -2
Knowledge(Dung)* Int X
Linguistics (B) Int
Lore (B) Int
Perception Wis +2 +0 +2
Perform(_____) (B) Cha +2 +2
Profession(Guard)* (B) Wis X +7 4 0 +3
Ride Dex X -4 +2 -6
Sense Motive Wis +0 +0
Sleight of Hand* (B) Dex -6
Spellcraft* Int
Stealth Dex -4 +2 -6
Survival Wis X +0 +0
Swim Str X -2 +4 -6
Use Magic Device Cha

Languages: Common, Abyssal


Magic Item Slots

Magic Item Weight
Ring 1
Ring 2
Slotless Items
Slotless Items

Item Weight (lbs.) Item Weight (lbs.)
Bedroll 5 Waterskin 4
Iron pot 4 Trail Ration *4 4
Mess Kit 1 Silk Rope (50 ft.) 5
Hemp Rope (50 ft.) 10 Crowbar 5
Torch *9 9 Shovel 5
Gear Maintenance Kit 2 Blanket 3
Manacle 2 Cold weather Outfit 5
Belt Pouch
Item Weight (lbs.) Item Weight (lbs.)
Perfume 0 Flint and Steel 0
Item Weight (lbs.) Item Weight (lbs.)
Item Weight Item Weight
CLW Potion 0 Potion of Shield of Faith 0
CLW Potion 0
CLW Potion 0

Other Posessions: Traveler's Outfit

Gold: 1157 gp

Total Weight: 141 lbs.

Light Medium Heavy Over Head Off Ground Push/Drag
100 200 300 300 600 1500


Spells Per Day
Level Class Base Stat Bonus DC
Spells Known/Prepared
Level Number Spells
Level Number Spells


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