The folllowing items are custom to DG:

  • Salve of the Risen Dead - 3500 GP - This salve take 10 minutes to apply and an additional 10 minutes to take affect. Other than that, it functions as the raise dead spell. Crafting Requirements: Craft Wonderous Item, Raise Dead, Creater must be caster level 9.
  • Salve of Reinvigoration - 2500 GP- This salve takes 5 minutes to apply, and if applied to the subject within thirty minutes of the spell’s casting, it acts as Restoration and removes all permanent negative levels gained by Breathe of Life, Raise Dead, or Resurrection. Crafting Requirements: Craft Wonderous Item, Restoration, Creator must be caster level 7.  

The following items have been altered:

  • Weapon Balms - When applied to ammo, only four pieces of ammunition are affected instead of the listed ten.
  • Lyre of Building - Does not alter costs to build in any way. It only alters time to build.
  • Ioun Stones - Cracked and Flawed Ioun stones do not resonate with Wayfinders. Regular stones always provide the set resonance effect.
  • Ring of Revelation and Soothsayer's Raiment: Use Magic Device cannot be used to obtain the benefits of these items. Only an Oracle with the associated mystery can use these items to gain an additional revelation. 

The following items have been banned:

  • Staff of the Master

Purchasing Items From NpcsEdit

With the recent advent of cloud city, most common magical items are readily avaliable for general purchase at their listed market prices. However, NPCs above 15th level are extremely rare, and are not generally avaliable for services or to purchase items from. Items with effects dependent on their caster levels such as wands, potions, or scrolls are not avaliable above a caster level of 15.

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