Rook's Inner City Merchant's Guild (Retail Traders based in Trade District)Edit


The Inner City Merchant's peddle the wares of nearly any craftsperson in the city who doesn't have or want a shopfront. Their members occupy nearly half of all the spaces in the central market so the guild has a tremendous amount of face time with average citizens giving them a strong political presence. This is reinforced by their impressive charitable givings, mainly of items that have been sitting too long in their storerooms and warehouses. The slums are a frequent destination for food goods on the verge of becoming unpresentable, but there are few who would complain about the quality, when the quantity is so important to the slum dwellers.

Known History:Edit

The guild formed out informal agreements between merchants in the central market who were sick of undercutting each other all the time. Over time the organization established a system of spreading out stalls for similar goods to help avoid this and made sure people were differentiating the goods they offered to prevent costly overlaps. As they cemented their place in the city they organized special market days and lobbied for a gate tax for merchants entering the central market (which they could subsidize for members from their cut of the tax).


Elgard Trim, a middle aged man with aristocratic ties, is the shrewd face of the guild. He abides the law to the letter, always seeking profit for the guild and finding favors or discounts to suggest new or edited laws in support of greater profits "for all the merchants of the city."

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Elsperth Demin (Male Elf Expert, Specializes in selling Millinery work and other accessories)
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