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Every session players will have the opportunity to earn influence with various organizations and powerful individuals within the Rook adventuring community. As the player characters grow in power and make a name for themselves these points of influence can be spent in-exchange for favors and medical attention, things to enhance the recipient’s survivability, or bail them out of a tight spot.

Influence can only be earned in sessions, with a standard session for any given level usually granting two points of influence, a half-session granting one point, and a session and a half granting three. Since influence, at least partially, represents a character’s reputation and social standing, the amount of influence earned can vary between characters and depend on the actions of the party. A character that robs a store and gets caught may not earn as much influence as the character that reports it to the guard. After all, no one wants to be associated with a convicted criminal.

In addition to the standard amount of influence gained per session, GMs may award additional points of influence per player as a reward for creative thinking, good roleplaying, or going above and beyond the mission.

The ways influence can be spent are listed below:



1 Influence

Consumable items (ex: potions, scrolls, alchemical items, etc.) with a combined worth up to 150 GP. Any consumables purchased this way are at minimum caster level.

4 influence

A single consumable item worth up to 750 GP. Any consumables purchased this way are at minimum caster level.

Any number of Influence

150 GP worth of spellcasting services, or material components for said services, per point of influence spent. Purchasing a spell of 7th level or higher requires contact with a few specific individuals, or a trip to Cloud City, requiring you to spend two points of influence per 150 GP.

4 influence / 8 influence

If you’ve been arrested by the Rook guard for a minor offense (GM discretion), you are released and all charges are dropped. If you are arrested outside of Rook, you must spend 8 influence.

Items bought with Influence are non-refundable and may not be sold, as Influence is primarily a supplementary income to assist with consumables, and thus not intended to influence wealth by level.

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