Introduction Edit

The world of Orr is a diverse place.  With 99 continents and two ice caps, the regions of the world can easily become isolated from others just by virtue of there being too much space to have reason to explore the world fully.  However, throughout all of these regions one thing remains the same, all of these lands have their own unique dangers. Some lands are frozen white, dominated by giants, while others are populated by both man and unspeakable monster.  

Most of these dangers are a direct result of the presence of the ley lines running through the world.  The closer one is to a ley line, the more active their surroundings tend to be, and no section of the world has a greater amount of activity than the regions surrounding the prime leylines.  Where these two conduits of immeasurable power meet, legendary tales are commonplace.

On the southern edge of the Eotren continent, dominating the north of the Illacrim region, a small collection of villages finds itself being pushed into the limelight by the invisible hand of fate. These villages are numerous and cover a wide variety of topography.  From mountain top escapes cut from wind scarred peaks, to coastal paradises that extend beneath the waves, all manner of intelligent creatures can be found in this corner of the world.  

Nearly every race found on the world of Orr can be found in this section of Eotren.  Most of the surface villages are populated by Humans, Elves, Halflings and Gnomes, while the depths are diversely populated by races such as the Dwarves, Oread, Ratfolk, Dhampir, Drow and Tieflings.  The more acclimated races, Tengu, Sylph, and Aasimar find themselves making homes on mountain tops, and even some adventurous Orcs, goblins, Kobolds, and hobgoblins find themselves in this region, leaving their homes in the Liyax subcontinent half a day’s travel south of Eotren.

Cities Edit

Within the starting region of Illicrim there are eight main cities that cover a wide variety of races and cultures.

  • Cedric's Glade: Cedric's Glade is a safe haven in the  deep woods, with  nature herself watching over the land.
  • Kirillyama: Kirillyama is a collection of 13 arcologies, called the Free Cities, that are packed close together and have no actual government.
  • Salisara: Salisara is a large network of desolate caverns far below the surface.
  • Veiddi Ekkimeira: Veiddi Ekkimeira is a coastal city that serves as a trading hub between the inland cities of Eotren and the rest of the region.
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