Honed Blade (Skill focused combat an martial training based in Arms District)Edit


The guild has a mixed group of martial minded people looking to make a living with their skill. Some aim to do so in the arena while others serve as instructors at the guild's training grounds. These instructors will happily train citizens or adventurers who come with the proper attitude and coinage at hand. The guild's largest property is a large open lot in the arms district where they hold demonstrations or larger training sessions in order to draw attention and patronage. Their varied membership use services through out the city for the wide variety of weapons and armor they need to repair, so the guild generally has good relations with the craftsmen of Rook.

Known History:Edit

Honed Blade has a competetive rivalry with the Skullbashers for arena championships. The guilds were formed around the same time nearly 100 years ago when two old adventuring companions decided that they were tired of working together and wanted to prove their style of fighting was superior. Temic Hartan, a duelist renowned for his lighting quick lunging attacks, founded the Honed Blade to work towards that end. Over the last 90 years the guild has been very successful, taking home more than 30 arena championships, but never seems able to pull away from their rivals tally by more than a few wins.


Ethan Silverblaze, is a half-elf magus renowned for his flashy swordsmanship and magecraft in the arena and currently holds a low council seat in addition to three arena champion's rings. He worked his way up from the slums with a single minded vision of glories won in the arena, and even though he no longer fights there he still goes by the name he developed there.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Norma Under-Over (Female Halfling Monk-Underfoot Adept, Past arena champion)
  • Arthur Excelsior (Male Human Cavalier-Daring Champion, Favorite for this year's championship)
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