Below is written those historical facts that have been established in the world of Orr.  This information is freely available to players but it may not be assumed that your characters know this.

  • 4320 BRW - First record of Oreads
  • 3444 BRW - First record of Slyph
  • 3421 BRW - First record of Undine
  • 3211 BRW - First record of Ifrit
  • 319 BRW - Slyph Vanish from Eramar
  • 78 BRW - War of the Races Begins in Western and Southern Eramar
  • 42 BRW - Leolondalle Rooks farm becomes a safe haven
  • 27 BRW - Founding of Rook
  • 0 ARW - War of the Races ends
  • 6 ARW - Mass exodus of people from Cypthea as magical energies and things summoned rip the city apart.  Most flee to lands controlled by the United Mercantile Exchange but some few find their way to the newly emerging citystate of Rook.  The event created a few of magic that would cause the future council to put a covert group in place who would work to control the amount of magic available in Rook.
  • 8 ARW - Council of Rook created
  • 21 ARW - Gnome adventures find a dead volcano island off the coast of Rook and form Mount possible
  • 27 ARW - An’Girok Din rises to power and begins teaching the way of life known as Tog Nar Sok Ti.
  • 29 ARW - A disciplined Orc Horde systematically takes control of the northern part of Western Eramar.  It calls itself the Empire of Tog Nar.
  • 80 ARW - The First Orc Imp War begins
  • 86 ARW - Roderick Orii Vallonde II is born
  • 126 ARW - Roderick Orii Vallonde II and Orcs sign treaty to cease war
  • 146 ARW - Roderick dies
  • 146 ARW - The Imperial Realm, also known as the Four Kingdoms of Men, forms
  • 147 ARW - The order known as the Knights of Vollonde rise
  • 160 ARW - Settlement of Lin’Rah is formed
  • 193 ARW - Our Story Begins!
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