Hammer & Anvil (Blacksmiths Guild based in Old Town)Edit


One of the oldest, if not the oldest, guild in the city. The Hammer & Anvil is firmly embedded in the economy and political structure of Rook. Their membership provides the bulk of the arms and armor for the city guard, as well as most of the similar items in the shops throughout the city. The guild is mostly made up of, and traditionally led by, dwarves and through years of hard work the guild has solidified its position in Rook. The guild usually has a low council member elected, but due to a recent focus on new exotic materials and the war efforts they have neglected their political interests.

Known History:Edit

Hammer & Anvil is one of the oldest Guilds in the city. It is a widely known organization because of an incident known as the "Forge Fires" in which fires rising from some smithies caused a major firestorm that burned down a large part of the fledgling city. The uproar following the fire almost saw the guild disbanded and its members exiled. The guild worked hard to address these concerns, implementing forge safeguards and other precautions. Eventually a law was passed to prevent forcible expulsions of people without due legal process.


Dorn Tokadud, a pragmatic and stern dwarf who teaches the art and craft of blacksmithing to students who take the discipline as seriously as he does.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Borir Marcellano (Male Human Aristocrats)
  • Toric (Male Dwarf Smith) Based in Old Town
  • Vaniion Lithdiir (Male Elf Smith)
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