Free Traders (Less Regulated Traders based in Chalice District)Edit


The Free Traders are openly in favor of abolishing all existing mercantile regulations and laws. Currently they can't actually achieve much in support of this goal, but that doesn't stop them from occasionally practicing those values anyways. The guild is open to all types of merchants and shop owners, although those from side streets and poorer areas seem to favor the guild over their more visible counterparts. Rumors of tax evasion, smuggling, and even dealings in stolen goods surround this guild, but the guards never seem to be able to finish a case involving one of their members.

Known History:Edit

The most memorable event in guild history is the build up to the enactment of the "Protection and Health of Guild Members Law" some 37 years ago. The guild leader at the time, Uthor Legien, was a successful dealer in exotic items whose shop seemed to move monthly. Some of his clients began noticing his absence from the shop and sudden unplanned relocations. Rumors about nasty letters and whispered threats began to circulate until the guild released a letter they claimed was dipped in poison. Uthor disappeared around this time and has not been seen since, although someone still operates his shop. This forced several emergency meetings of the low council, which were broadly attended by merchants and guild members. Following a chaotic week of debate ending in a closed door session the Low Council enacted the law allowing anonymity of guild leaders and providing other minor protections to members.


Undisclosed at guild request as allowed under the "Protection and Health of Guild Members Law"

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Garvin (Male Human Rogue-Swindler Archetype, Gambler, Bookie, Rumormill, can be found near arena)
  • Celadae (Female Halfling Rogue-Smuggler Archetype, Procurer of rare items, can be found in taverns)
  • Meline (Female Elf Rogue-Rake Archetype, Information dealer, Point of Contact)
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