Altered Feats Edit

  • Focused Worker - May not choose magic as your focused capital
  • Focused Overseer - May not choose magic as your focused capital
  • All magic item crafting feats do not provide any crafting benefit, as we do not currently have player crafting
  • Racial Heritage is only selectable for playable races.

Banned Feats Edit

  • Dazing Spell
  • Divine Protection
  • Leadership (or anything which grants a cohort similar to Leadership)
  • Squire
  • Spirit's Gift
  • Story Feats (all)
  • Vile Leadership
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Dwarf Blooded

New Feats Edit

  • Combat Stamina(Unchained)
  • Free for fighters at third level
    • Requires BAB +3
    • The part of the feat concerning the size of the stamina pool has been changed to the following: The size of the stamina pool is equal to the characters fighter level + 1/2 levels in other classes + constitution modifier, rounded down. Only levels in the fighter class count for the augmented pool size. Classes that count as fighters for some game mechanics do not receive this benefit.
  • Signature Skill(Unchained)
    • Allowed, as per the Skill Unlock system. May only be taken once.
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