Explorer's Lodge (Explorers, Guids, and Mapmakers based outside the South Slum)Edit


Formed as a loose alliance of likeminded people, this guild only has one regular meeting a year on the longest day of the year. Otherwise most of the members are out sharing in their common interest, learning more about Orr. Scouts and rangers are the most common members, along with the halflings struck with wanderlust, but travelling priests and scholars occasionally join as well. Anyone who comes seeking or offering information about Eramar is welcome. A dedicated few spend time in the lamp light of the basement trying to decipher and piece together the shorthand of all the various personal maps left to the Lodge.

Known History:Edit

The Explorer's Lodge is only about 20 years old as most of the traditional membership are gone too often and too long to organize a guild. However, a few mapmakers began meeting in the slum taverns and after several years of messages and chance run ins they decided to set up a lodge. Most people don't know that part of the story, but they do know that when Quentis Lashly retired from work as a guide he set up the Explorer's Lodge on the outskirts of town. Even though no one thought he would stay in business with his terrible location and complete lack of cooking or bartending experience, somehow the guide and mapmaking community got the word out and over time Quentis has learned a recipe or two.


Quentis Lashly, retired trail guide and amatuer cartographer, is the nominal guild leader due to the fact that he opened the Lodge. He is getting quite up there in years though, so the rumours are out to find a new Lodge Manager.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Delph (Male Human Expert, Rook resident who makes his money guiding travelers from/to Rook, frequents the Lodge)
  • Suelathia (Female Elf Ranger-Guide, a famous guide and mapmaker who leaves Rook for months at a time)
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