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The Dragons Gate Campaign is a persistent, living world, Pathfinder campaign played on Roll20.

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We have a handful of admin, nine current GMs, and a growing player base of roughly 90 members. Our sessions are almost entirely stand alone sessions (one-shots) but they happen within the context of various plot arcs and a living world with many other adventures and world/region plots happening around you. Even though sessions are stand alone they often allow you to effect the world around you in meaningful ways that become a part of the world and future adventures.

Some sessions are scheduled ahead of time but mostly we hang out in our IRC channel and when a GM has availability to play he/she lets folks know and if there are enough players we play. This gives us a tremendous flexibility in who can play. Is your schedule such that you can't commit to weekly games? No problem! We are specifically designing this experience so that different characters can level at their own pace, play when they can, and still feel as if they are relevant to the world around them.

We've had at least one game every day for the past couple months now and have pretty good coverage for both US and European evenings. 

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