Cloud City (Southeastern Region)Edit


Cloud City is a mountain top city of Aasimars, Tieflings, and Sylphs, who have remained isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years. The society is very structured and hierarchical, with family name and power holding huge significance in daily life. The leadership of Cloud City is made of the Matrons and Patrons of the most powerful families, who are all Aasimar and Tiefling. Sylphs, while accepted as citizens of the city, were never allowed to achieve direct political power after their later arrival to the city.

Now that at least one portal exists to the 'outside world', Cloud City has opened up and allowed both emigration and immigration. Their society is one of magic, wonder, intoxication, and ultra hedonistic semi-ritualized orgies. Their association with the rest of the continent, particularly Rook, has risen the power and accessibility of magic available over time.

Demographic SummaryEdit

The borders of Cloud City span roughly two miles to a side, stepping and jogging up and around the topography as is convenient. Due to the steep terrain the 'districts' tend to be spread out somewhat, yielding a low population density throughout the city. There are approximately 30,000 residents in Cloud City with about 40% being Aasimar, 40% being Tiefling, and 20% being Sylph.


Composed of the heads of the 13 most powerful families in the city, the leadership holds to the tradtions that have kept the city safe and happy for thousands of years. Six of the families are Tiefling families and six are Aasimar. The thirteenth family, the Lorel Family, shows clear signs of both heritages.

This is exceedingly strange. In the history of Cloud City any mixed marriages with children show one of the bloodlines becoming dominant and all offspring are of that bloodline. No other family, or anyone else as far as can be discerned, has ever manifested both bloodlines at all, let alone both in one individual. (Player characters may not be from this mixed bloodline)

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