Character RetirementEdit

Its a fact of RPGs that you're going to fall out of love with one of your characters at some point.  We don't want the time and care you've sunk into those characters to be wasted so we've implemented a system by which you can make use of the xp and wealth of the retired character.

What you can do with the xp and wealth of retired characters

  • You may transfer all of your xp to an existing character or a new one.
  • You may transfer all of your wealth to an existing character or a new one.  However, the receiving character may not exceed "wealth by level" (wbl) for their new level as a result of this wealth.  If the receiving character is already over wbl, for the new level, they simply do not receive any extra wealth. (Note for clarification: The wbl you are reset to is for the beginning of your current level. For xp, you have the option of retaining your current total or resetting to the beginning of that level.)
  • Giving a characters xp and wealth to a new or existing character is called a refund.
  • For a character to be eligible for a refund, they must not have been played for a period of 60 days.
  • Once you've refunded a character through voluntary retirement, you may not refund another character through voluntary retirement for a period of 30 days.

Players should be aware that refunding characters in this way often results in a loss of significant wealth.  Make sure that you really don't want to play the character anymore.  Similarly, this could set back the character the money is going to.  In an extreme case, you could end up with a main character who is behind wbl.

To refund a character for retirement, send a forum PM to Geckilian, and state the reason you wish to retire the character.  Also include the character you wish to transfer xp and wealth from and the character you wish to transfer it to. Once Geckilian has looked it over and given you the go ahead, send your new sheet to the dropbox and PM him again when you do so. Once he has approved the new sheet you are free to use your updated character in sessions.

Please include a breakdown of the stat array should you be creating a new character, as well as an itemized list of any magic items purchased at the usual 100% cost.

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