Bone & Antler (Hunters and Tanners based in South Slums)Edit


This young guild has grown rapidly in its 8 years of official existance as hunters and tanners see the profit potential of joining. The guild does not charge hunters for membership, but takes a small percentage of each kill they sell. Tanners pay to join, but are basically guaranteed fresh materials as long as the hunters find prey.

Known History:Edit

The guild was formed by a group of disatisfied hunters sharing a drink with a tanner friend. Jovan and his friends were commiserating about poor profits and decided to join forces and see if they couldn't change things. They collected other friends and associates to form a bargaining group, but in the end they found it was easier to gain respect if they became an official guild. Their petition for guild status was short and memorable. They only sold their meet and leather to merchants who supported their desire for guild status and said they would sooner sell abroad then share their hard work with ungrateful, greedy, oppresors. The clumsy rhetoric served its purpose rallying the slum dwellers to their cause and the economic pressure soon saw many city merchants folding.


Jovan the hunter still plies his trade in the woods south of Rook and proudly shares the story of the guild founding with any who ask. He sees himself as a father and protector to the people who make their living off the hunt.

Other Notable Members:Edit

  • Berta the Blade (Female Half-orc expert - Tanner in East Slum)
  • Tulis (Female Half-Elf warrior - Hunter of southern plains)
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