You may choose Paizo archetypes as per the rules.  However, some archetypes are banned or modified due to either thematic or balance concerns.

Banned Edit

  • Summoner - Synthesist
  • Hunter - Primal Companion Hunter
  • Any Class - Any archetype relying on firearms to function, unless that class appears on the "modified" list below.
  • Any Class - Any archetype relying on Instigate Psychic Duel, or Chakras to function
  • Any Class - Any archetype relying on Leadership, or a similar ability to function
  • Any Class - Any archetype or bloodline referencing nanites or other technology

Modified Edit

  • Bolt-Ace
    • A Bolt-Ace does not gain the Gunsmith class feature at first level.
    • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Bolt-Ace is proficient with all simple and martial weapons. They are proficient with all light armor.
  • Sorcerer
    • Cross-Blooded: Bonus damage per die from different bloodlines do not stack.  For example, a Dragon/Orc bloodline blaster would get 1 dmg per die instead of 2.
  • Summoner
    • Wild-Caller(Half-Elf): Gives 1 evolution point every six levels instead of 1 evolution point every four levels.
  • For the Unchained Classes, existing archetypes only function if the class still possess the abilities the archetype replaces.
  • Antipaladin
    • It is highly recommended to use the Tyrant archetype (for Lawful Evil) or the Insinuator archetype (for any evil) as chaotic evil is a tricky alignment to play. Not only that, but teamwork is an important part of DragonsGate and those who work against the group are often likely to lead very short lives.
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