Aluin Jorden
Race Human
Class Swashbuckler
Level 5
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 6'1"
Weight 152lb

Biography Edit

Aluin's childhood consisted of brine, ropes and tales. And mold, a lot of mold. A rowdy child running in the port, jumping from ship to ship, climbing the highest masts, searching in the horizon, but mostly just scrubbing mold out of drenched decks to earn petty coppers to pass the day. Always looking out for when Anemos, his father's ship would arrive. And when it did, it was glorious. He would spend days after days, glued to him, listening to his tales. Stories of pirates swooping in to kill and destroy and heroic fights against sea monsters. And the ports... each of them with it's own tale, each bar it's own fight, each street it's own maidens.

Aluin's other half of life was Rhea. His father would leave a few coins to her to keep an eye on the young boy, and leave soon thereafter. A local celebrity in the port tavern, they said that she could see all things. Throwing her cards for sailors, reading their future before they leave for their journey, warning against evil, even telling them outright sometimes they should simply stay landbound for a time. No one would harm her, misfortune seemed to follow all who tried, and the rest of the sailors would usually just gang up on the fool afterwards, and this protection would carry on to Aluin, thankfully, because the life of a young boy, a pretty boy, living by itself in the port, would be really short-lived.

The last trip of Anemos that Aluin cared about was five years ago. Instead of his father, the only thing he got was the sailor's rusty chest, full with nothing but dirty clothes and tar. The only thing of value a small leatherbound book full with stories of epic battles and heroes of legend, full with the stories his father was telling to the young boy. In the end, it wasn't a dragon or a sea serpent that claimed his life, it was simply scurvy. Despite the shortage of the stipend, Rhea continued to watch over the child, unknowing to all why, but who knew anything about the old fortuneteller anyways?

Two years passed, and then the clouds came. Not in the sky, but in Rhea's eyes. With bags under her eyes she would throw her deck over and over again. Looking in the horizon and cursing. A few weeks later, when Aluin entered the old shack, the only thing he found was her Harrow deck atop a note. A single sentance written on it "Live your life free".

Taking the message to heart, Aluin decided to live his live exactly as his father's tales taught him, with Flair. Promising to himself to make it big, in order to be trully free, and in order to make Rhea's and his father's sacrifices for him worth it, he has concluded that the only place he trully belongs to is as a hero to the people, and a peer to the nobles. With his natural charm, his wit and his sword he dashed out into the world. A world full with dangers, ale, and women. Spinning tales of his heroic deeds, aided by his deft fingers as he makes daggers appear for thugs and roses for the ladies. He doesn't simply say a story, he lives it, he makes it real. He learned how to be who he is now by listening to these same stories, now he thinks it's time to give them back. To young children who need someone to aspire to, and to yound ladies who need someone to fret over and worry about. And if there is a shred of truth inside them? So much for the better, but he isn't really worrying about such petty details!

In one of his last escapades in a tavern, he overheard some adventures talking about a mysterious fortuneteller they met outside of the city. And that was all the push he needed to try his luck outside of the walls too. "Kill two birds with one stone" Rhea used to say, and this seemed appropriate, an easier, he thought, and flashier way to make his name known by fighting the terrors that lurked outside, and a chance to maybe find out and help Rhea with whatever caused her to disappear in the middle of the night.

Appearance Edit

Aluin Jorden is a tall, lean man with striking looks. He has sharp facial features, and high cheekbones. Deep brown eyes and sleek, oiled, shoulder length, black hair, held by a vivid multicolored scarf. He is a lithe man with a light step and unnecessary flair in most of his movements. 

Usually seen wearing a bright red sash in his waist, a multicolored scarf tied up as a bandana keeping his hair in order, and a black soft cloak over loose, sparkling, linen clothes.

When out adventuring, he wears leather pants fitted with buccaneer boots. Now that he has a somewhat less bulkier armor, he keeps it on, tucked undearneath his garments.

Pic:Just imagine a red sash and a colorful bandana

Sessions Edit

Number Date and Link Experience Gold And items
1 9/9/2014 520 250gp, shortbow, arrows, bought sling bullets
2 10-9-2014 300 300gp/ sold sling bullets (+5c), bought and used Antitoxin (-50gp), bought 5 torches (-5c), geoluminescent rock
3 10-10-2014 520 240gp/ sold scimitar (+7,5gp), sold buckler (+2,5), bought masterwork scimitar (-315gp), bought masterwork buckler (-155gp), lost dart, used torch/ downtime
- - -  bought dart (-0,5gp), bought ioun torch (-75gp), sold torches (+3cp)
4 13-10-2014 767 500gp, sold dagger (+1gp), sold dart (+0,3gp), sold war razor (+4gp), bought wushu dart (5) (-1gp), bought silver dagger (-22gp), bought cold iron dagger (-4gp), total -21,7g
5 14-10-2014 400 200gp/ -10gp medium living arrangements
6 16-10-2014 700 400gp/ sold hide shirt (+10gp)/ bought mithral shirt (-1100gp)
7 17-10-2014 1130 500gp, bought cure light wounds potion -50gp
8 10-10-2014 700 500gp/ Level up Swashbuckler 3 used cure light wounds potion/ bought cure light would potion -50/ bought 3 alchemist's kindness -3
9 21-10-2014 1500 1400gp/antitoxin, oil of bless weapon, potion of alter self/ used oil, used clw potion/buying clw potion -50gp/-2250gp to miere for +1scimitar, +1 mithral shirt
10 22-10-2014 750 500gp/used CLW potion/Buying CLW potion (-50gp)
- - - received +1 scimitar from Miere, received +750gp from miere (didn't enchant the armor), resubmitted sheet
11 28-10-2014 950 /800gp
12 28-10-2014 1200 700gp/ LVL UP 4 swashbuckler/ Bought cold iron scimitar -30gp/ Sold mithril chain +550/ Bought mithril chain+2 from Miere for 3000gp
13 29-10-2014 1857 950gr
- - - Miere enchanted masterwork buckler to buckler +1 -750gp
14 3-11-2014 1600 850gp/found longbow/selling short bow +15gp/selling potion of alter self +150gp/ selling dagger, cold iron/ ordered cloak of res +1 and bag of holding minor -1500gp/ selling backpack +1gp 
15 20-11-2014 2000 1000gp
16 22-11-2014 2000 1100gp
17 23-11-2014 3000 1500gp/ used potion of clw, bought potion of clw (-50gp), gave money to dead soldier's families (-35gp), bought belt of incredible dex +2 from Miere (-3000gp)
18 24-11-2014 3000 1500gp/bought winter clothes (-8gp), bought 2 pints of oil (-2sp), bought 6 trail rations (used 4, -3gp), donated winterwolf carcass to the plow with a plea to have not only the names of the ones who slew the beast, but also (with a little bit smaller letters) "while questing for a stingy timber merchant, let's hope not any more adventurers will suffer through stinginess!"
- - - -700gp (downtime)


Downtime Activities Edit

Aluin spends his days making up telling stories about his great endeavors. Usually with the help of sleight of hand magic tricks. 

When tottally wasted sober he walks around in the city gathering information that may be used to create a new story, or to find out if anything interesting that he may stick his butt in help with.

He usually asks around trying to find out about the Mist or a wandering fortuneteller, almost certain that the Mist has swallowed the one that raised him.

Character Sheet Edit

Basic Information Edit

Player Name: Shroudb Speeds: 30
Character Name: Aluin Jorden Size: M
Character Race: Human Hair: Black
Alignment: CG Eyes: Brown
Deity: Chaldira Weight: 152 lb
Total Level: 5 Height: 6' 1"

Character Class Information Edit

Class Level HD BAB Skills Ref Fort  Will
Swashbuckler 5 5 5 25 4 1 1
Totals 5 5 5 25 4 1 1

Favored Class:


Favored Class Bonuses(HP or SP or Racial):

Racial (+5/4 panache)

Ability Scores Edit

Ability Score Total Mod Base Enhancement Inherent Misc
Strength 10 0 10
Dexterity 21 +5 19 2
Constitution 12 +1 12
Intelligence 10 0 10
Wisdom 8 -1 8
Charisma 16 +3 16

Defenses Edit

Total Levels Constition Mod Favored Class Other
Max HP 37 32 5 0 0
AC Total AC Base Size Armor Shield Dex Natural Deflection Dodge Misc
Normal 24 10 0 6 2 5 0 0 1 0
Flat-Footed 18 10 0 6 2 xxxx 0 0 xxxx 0
Touch 16 10 0 xxxx xxxx 5 xxxx 0 1 0
FF Touch 10 10 0 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 0 xxxx 0
Saves Total Class Base Ability Mod Resistance Misc


+3 1 1 1
Reflex(Dex) +10 4 5 1
Will(Wis) +1 1 -1 1 +4vs charms/compulsions, +3vs mind affecting
Total Base BAB Strength Dex Size Misc
CMB +5 XXXX 5 0 XXXX 0 0
CMD 20 10 5 0 5 0 0
Intiative Dex Misc
+7 5 2

Equipment Edit


Total AB BAB Ability Mod Misc AB Damage Crit Special
+1 scimitar +13 5 5 3 1d6+7+5precision 15-20/x2 -
silver dagger +11 5 5 1 1d4+5precision 17-20/x2 10ft range, concealed dc: 35
wushu dart +11 5 5 1 1d6+1+5precision 19-20/x2 10ft range, concealed dc: 33
longbow +10 5 5 0 1d8+1 20/x3 100ft range, sharpened arrows
Name AC Max Dex ACP ASF Weight Class Speed Special
Armor mithril shirt +2 6 6 0 5% light 30ft mithril
Shield buckler+1 2 - 0 0 - 30ft

Feats and Features Edit

HD Feats Bonus feats Traits
1:weapon focus (scimitar) slashing grace (scimitar) lessons of chaldira, irrepressible
3: steadfast personality
4: combat reflexes
5: battle cry
Race Features Class Features
charmed life 3/day
swashbuckler finesse
Deeds Dodging panache, Opportune parry &riposte, Derring-do, Kip up, precise strike, menacing swordplay, swashbuckler's initiative

Skills Edit


Key Ability Class Skill

Total Check

Ranks Ability Mod

Trained Class Skill

Misc Other
Acrobatics Dex y 13 5 5 3
Appraise Int n 0 0 0 0
Bluff Cha y 7 1 3 3
Climb Int y 4 1 0 3
Craft(_____) Int y 0 0 0 0
Diplomacy Cha y 9/11 3 3 3 2
Disable Device* Dex n - 0 5 0
Disguise Cha n 3 0 3 0
Escape Artist Dex y 5 0 5 0
Fly Dex n 5 0 5 0
Handle Animal* Cha n - 0 3 0
Heal Wis n -1 0 -1 0
Intimidate Cha y 11 5 3 3
Knowledge(nobility, local)* Int y 4/6 1 0 3 2
Linguistics Int n 0 0 0 0
Perception Wis y 7 5 -1 3
Perform(_____) Cha y 3 0 3 3
Profession(_____)* Wis y - 0 -1 0
Ride Dex y 9 1 5 3
Sense Motive Wis y -1 0 -1 0
Sleight of Hand* Dex y 9 1 5 3
Spellcraft* Int n - 0 0 0
Stealth Dex n 5 0 5 0
Survival Wis n -1 0 -1 0
Swim Str y 4 1 0 3
Use Magic Device Cha n - 0 3 0


Common, drunken common, brothel, hiccups

Inventory Edit

Magic Item Slots

Magic Item Weight
Shoulders cloak of resistance +1 1
Belt belt of incredible dex +2 1
Ring 1
Ring 2
Slotless Items ioun torch 0
Slotless Items
Bag of holding (minor)
Item Weight Item Weight
flint and steel 0 waterskin 1
bedroll 5 whetstone 1
grappling arrow (2) 1 50ft silk rope 5
iron spikes (2)+hammer 3 winter blanket 3
grooming kit(mirror, comb, scissors, file, soap, hairbrush, chewing stick, tooth powder) 2 blue book 1
cheap harrow deck 0 perfume (10) 0
alchemist kindness (3) 0 cold iron scimitar 4
longbow 3 oil (2) 2
trail rations (2) 1 winter clothes 8
Wrist sheaths (2)
Item Weight Item Weight
silver dagger 1 potion of CLW 0
Pocketed scarf





wushu dart (5) 0 sleight of hands props (ose petals, sparkling dust, coins, colorful handkerchiefs, etc) 0
charcoal (2) 0 chalk (10) 0
ioun torch 0 geoluminescence rock 0

Other Posessions:

Gold: 854gp, Capital: Magic capital 28,

Total Weight: 30 (182 with self)

Light Medium Heavy Over Head Off Ground Push/Drag
33 66 100 100 200 500

Spells Edit

Spells Per Day
Level Class Base Stat Bonus DC
Spells Known/Prepared
Level Number Spells
Level Number Spells
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