Alternate characters are allowed in the Dragons Gate Campaign. Once your first character reaches level 2, you are free to make an alt. You may, at any time after that, make another alt as long as you have no other level 1 characters. If at any time you wish to retire a character permanently, let a member of the leadership council know and they will retire the character for you. If that character was level 1, you may then create another alt.

Please note that due to the extremely high potential for abuse, one player's characters may know of, and possibly even have contact, with eachother but may not trade with each other in any way, nor mechanically benefit financially from each other. This includes selling items to them, sending money to them, and even basic amenities. We realize that this is awkward for a persistent world but it is necessary to prevent someone from giving gold to their lower levels, various other potential abuses and so on.

All alternate characters are created at level 1.

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